Pressure Sensors
Pressure Transducers

The series of pressure sensor adopts dry ceramic piezoresistive pressure sensitive components with high precision and good stability, And reliable Amplifier chip. It can change the pressure of tested medium into standard signal. Automatic SMD, laser adjustment technology and advanced assembly process are applied to guarantee its high quality. The series of pressure sensor is a new type with international advanced technology, which is applicable to pressure control for automobiles HVAC&R. Voltage output or electrical current output can be customized.

Adopt advanced integration chip technology, with high precision, good consistency, perfect stability and quick response.

Design Parameters

1. Measurement range: 0~50 bar.
2. Voltage of power Supply:
Voltage Input: 5±0.25VDC(voltage type)
Positive overload protection at 16V and reverse protection at -14V.
Current Output: 8~30VDC; with reverse polarity protection
3. Output mode:
Voltage Output: Proportional voltage output 0.5~4.5V standard
Current Output: 4~20mA standard signal output.
4. Comprehensive Precision: ±2.5%FS
5. Working temperature: - 40~125℃
6. Response time: < 1mS
7. Temperature shift: ±0.02% FS/℃
8. Linearity, delay and repeatability: < ±0.5% FS
9. Stability: better than 0.15% FS/year
10. Shell material: copper
11. Protection level of the shell: IP67
12. Thread connection: 7/16-20UNF (female flare type),
13. Electrical connection: standard Packard Metri-Pack Connector.
14. Wire connection: three-wire voltage, red (+), black (ground) and green (output)