SpeedControl 1145 E is a frequency converter for control of EC, PMSM, BLDC and standard asynchronous motors up to 2.9 kW / 3x11A for 3 phase motors with single phase supply. SpeedControl 1145 E is enclosed in an IP20 metal housing for demanding environments. The compact construction offers many mounting options. Active cooling is not included. The sound level is very low and SpeedControl 1145 E is maintenance free. All parts are integrated in the converter and no external capacitors or inductors are required.


SpeedControl 1145 E has an integrated APFC unit (Automatic Power Factor Correction). Usual frequency converters contribute significantly to the harmonic currents on the grid. Harmonic currents impair the reliability of the supply net resulting in poor use of the supply grid and in house electrical installations. This is partly since current and voltage are not in phase, but more so due to non-linear components that are used in all electronic products which generate a wide range of harmonic currents at 150Hz, 250Hz and 350Hz which should not be present on 50Hz installations. This accounts for considerable loss of efficiency.

Consequently, legislative requirements (EN61000-3-2) must be observed. When using drives in other type of products and in particular when these are used in domestic housing, drives are subject to strict requirements to ensure high efficiency (ECO design) and efficient exploitation of the building installations. These requirements can be met in various ways depending on the size of the frequency converter.

We offer several solutions including an APFC. This technology enhances our largest frequency converter, offering a very high performance and a cost-efficient use of the electrical installation. To reduce the overall cost and minimize installation work, an APFC is already integrated in the SpeedControl 1145 E. Also, an EMC filter is integrated to ensure that the requirements of the EMC Directive are met.

All in all, SpeedControl 1145 E is a frequency converter designed for the growing market of energy saving fans. It is also a sensorless controller – so no need for mounting of sensors in the PM motors anymore. SpeedControl 1145 E is supplied with heat sink, but is also available in a coldplate version.

SpeedControl 1145 E employs the latest technology within sensorless control of PM motors. Motors must always be matched to the controller for optimum performance and energy savings. In cooperation with our customer, LS Control offers to optimize these frequency converters to match our customers specific motor choice.