JOAP - SAMSUNG Mini Rotary Compressor

Heating / Defrost Cable Capillary Thermostat Bimetallic Thermostat Rotary Compressor Controller for HVAC&R Pressure Switch Pressure Transducer Pressure Transmitter Pressure Sensor 4-way Reversing Valve Receiver – Accumulator Temperature Sensor Humidity Sensor Frequency Inverter Electronic Expansion Valve Solenoid Valve Filter Drier Check Valve Brass Service Valve Ball Valve Sight Glass Schrader Valve Svogerslev Hovedgade 48 DK-4000 Roskilde, Denmark Phone: +45 72 21 72 04 BASIC STRUCTURE Mini Compressor is compact and provide unparalleled performance Reduce Vibration & Noise Single Suction pipe for efficiency Concentrated Winding Stator (9Slot) Nd-IPM Rotor (6Pole) Sine Wave Inverter Torque Control method Twin Rotary Pump BLDC Motor Compressor Driver Mini Compressor Super Compact High Efficiency Low Vibration/Noise Wider Operation SAMSUNG MINI ROTARY COMPRESSORS WE CAN ALSO SUPPLY YOU WITH THE FOLLOWING COMPONENTS… CHECK OUR WEBSITE