JOAP - Pressureswitches

Features - Adopting standard thread, 7/16-20 UNF female with valve opener or brass copper tube 6.0/6.35 mm diameter, easy to install and no special requirement for mounting and fixing. - Several mechanical fittings available on request. - Fast-on or wiring connection available according to customers’ needs. - SPST switch, normally open or normally closed. - SPDT switch, also available. - Any pressure value between -1~55 bar (up to 180 bar for CO 2 ) can be made. - Factory set according to customers data - Safe and reliable product thanks to welding process of the stainless steel diaphragm able to grant a perfect seal. Applications Our new range of electromechanical pressure switches with fixed setting are compact, light and easy to install. They are typically designed to protect refrigeration systems against critical conditions by setting high or low pressure limits. The stainless-steel control element is designed to grant an enhanced product life-cycle, with high performance. Thanks to its advanced manufacturing technology, our pressure switches offer the best solutions for applications in refrigeration systems, residential and commercial air conditioning systems, automotive systems, ice maker, etc. They can also be used to control pressure in hydraulic and steam systems, air compressors and industrial equipments. Approvals