Hitachi Highly HWHP - JOAP

4XPOWER CHARACTERISTICS OF 4XPOWER Characteristics of 4XPOWER Compressor for Heat Pump Water Heater (HPWH) Suitable for rigorous conditions that the working pattern of HPWH is large flux, together with heavy load in summer and small flux, together with high compression ratio in winter. The lifetime achieves more than 10 years, approximately four times as long as current compressors of HPWH. 4 Times Lifetime 4 Times Efficiency 4 Times Efficiency in 4 Seasons Advanced Technologies Average COP of all-year heating is more than 4.0. Prominent advantage of energy saving is showed. Heating performance of whole year is guaranteed, especially in winter. Use eco-friendly refrigerants R134a, R417A, R290, Co2 Using special material. Wide operation envelope, high outlet water temperature. Optimization of pump and motor, ultra precision machining.